Biotech-Related Podcasts & Videos

23andMe on YouTube 23andMe is a company that provides personal genomics analysis. The "Genetics 101" series is a fantastic introduction to personal genomics.
Best Food Facts A library of fact-based videos from experts on GM crops, food safety and nutrition.
BIOChannel on YouTube The Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) collection of biotech-related videos are available as a collection on YouTube.
KhanAcadeny - Biology KhanAcademy provides online educational videos on a broad range of topics. The Biology section aims the knowledge at the senior high school, college freshman level.
Scientific American Podcasts & Videos Sixty-second podcasts and streaming videos that address topics from a wide range of scientific disciplines. An archived, searchable database is available and there are many biotech-related stories to be found!
Science Friday National Public Radio's Science Friday website is a great resource for science podcasts and videos, plus tips for teachers new to the use of online media in the classroom.
TEDTalks about Science Hundreds of TED talks on various science topics.
UCTV Science Videos bringing a range of University of California science research areas to the public.