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BioTech SYSTEM is a Northern California consortium supporting STEM education in grades K-14 and fostering a collaborative network that includes diverse stakeholders in the biotech community. 

Founding members of BioTech SYSTEM include representatives from public colleges and universities, community organizations, local governments, school districts and the biotech industry.

Director's Corner

Teen Biotech Challenge

In 2018, the Teen Biotech Challenge website competition kept going strong, with 305 California high school students from 24 schools registered to build 184 contest websites. After a preliminary round of judging, 85 finalist websites by 140 students at 20 schools were submitted for final judging and 50 websites received awards. Many thanks to sponsor teachers, industry partners and DEB PhD student volunteers who make the contest possible.

Tentative Contest Dates for 2019

  • February 1st - Sponsor Teachers Submit Registration List of All TBC Participants
  • February 22nd - SPARK Research Scholar Applications Due
  • March 22nd - Website Entries Submitted for Final Judging
  • April 12th - SPARK Research Scholar Awards Announced
  • May 7th - TBC Winners Announced Online
  • May 17th - 2019 Teen Biotech Challenge Awards Symposium


Check out recent Teen Biotech Challenge winners for inspiration!

The TBC2018 focus area winners were:


The TBC2017 focus area winners were:


The TBC2016 focus area winners were:


The TBC2015 focus area winners were:


Public Biotech Seminars at UC Davis

The Current Progess in Biotechnology seminar (DEB/ECH294) is open to the UC Davis campus community and to the public. Seminars are held each Friday throughout the academic year from 11am-noon in Rm 1022 Life Sciences at UC Davis.  Though talks are geared for an interdisciplinary audience of graduate students (biologists, chemists, engineers, biostatisticians, etc.), local K-14 educators are welcome and encouraged to attend.


Global Science & Engineering News via Twitter

Following science journals and news media outlets on Twitter is a fantastic way to keep up with the latest biotech research efforts and discoveries. Check out the recent articles that have caught my eye .

Favorite Tweeps Include:

  • @BioBeef - Alison Van Eenennaam, Researcher, Blogger
  • @carlzimmer - Carl Zimmer, Author, Writer, Blogger @NatGeo "The Loom"
  • @edyong209 - Ed Yong, Writer, Freelance Journalist, Blogger
  • @kmkubo - Ken Kubo, Professor, Science Communicator
  • @marynmck - Maryn McKenna, Writer, Author, Blogger @Wired "Superbug"
  • @neiltyson - Neil deGrasse Tyson, Astrophysicist, Author, Media Host
  • @SavorTooth - Nathanael Johnson, Grist Writer, Author, Blogger
  • @SciSays - UC Davis science communicators interpret sensational science news headlines - what does the science really say?!
  • @ScienceNews - breaking science news stories written for a general audience by the Society for Science and the Public
  • @UCDavisBiotech - Biotech news courtesy of the UC Davis Biotechnology Program

    There are many, many more interesting scientists and science writers to follow on Twitter. Take a look!